See how the CCSF Scholarship has helped change the lives of York County students

The Christopher Columbus Scholarship Fund was founded over 30 years ago by a group of Italian Americans with the mission of giving back to the community of York County by investing in the vision of its youth. The organization has awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to hundreds of students since 1990.

“Thank you to the CCSF for allowing me to pursue my dreams. I graduate from medical school next year.”
Connie Koons
West York Area High School
Class of 2011
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“Welding is not only a passion of mine, but there is also a need for welders in society.  Throughout my life ,working with my hands has always been something I enjoy.  I have dreamed of pursuing a career where I can make and create things for a living, and receiving this Scholarship will allow me to make this dream come true."
Tyler Dubien
Dallastown Area High School, 2020

Pennsylvania College of Technology 

                 -Major in Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology



Karen Yang  South Western High School 
Eva Wolf  Dallastown Area
High School 
Chase Reed  Eastern York High School 
Megan Hale  York Catholic High School 
Michelle Vu  West York Area High School


 Riyana Owens  Dallastown High School 
Rachel Lyter 
York Catholic High School 
Maddy Miller  Kennard-Dale High School 
Catalina Feistritzer Central York High School 
Jacob Taylor York Suburban High School


Alexandra Strausbaugh Central York High School 
Anya Grunewald Dallastown High School 
Nicole Chiaverini York Catholic High School 
Erin O'Connor South Western High School 
Nicole Guise Spring Grove High School 


Alexander Feistritzer,  Central York HS

Danielle Miller,  West York Area HS

Lydia Shellenberger,  Central York HS

Andrew White, West York Area HS

Drew Wolfgang, Northeastern Senior HS


Maria Shellenberger,Central York HS

Kiah Morrison, Spring Grove Area HS

Paige Grossman,York Suburban HS

Mary Hale, York Catholic HS

Leah Chiaverini, Central York HS


Kelly M Helfrich, Susquehannock HS

Luke M Swomley, Central York HS

Angelia R Forlkenroth, Red Lion HS

Tyler B Jermyn, West York Area HS


Amanda Hoffman, Dover Area HS

Michael Loughren, Central York HS

Rachel Salvi, York Catholic HS

Caitlin B Toms, York Catholic HS


Andrea L Miller, Red Lion HS

Anastasia N Elmiger, Soutwestern HS

Nam-Phong Cong-Huyen, William Penn HS

Adam Swomley, York Catholic HS


Stella Accardo, Central York HS

Robin Ferree, Dallastown HS

Maria Macaluso, Red Lion HS

Jamie Raab, Central York HS

Amber Serio, Dallastown HS


Matthew Belanger, Central York HS

Kristi Miller, Dallastown HS

Laurie Brenner, West York HS

Rosalyn Renda, Central York HS

Erika M Roldan, Dover HS


Kate Weyant, William Penn Senior HS

Thomas M Redding, York Suburban HS

Erin Leber, Eastern HS

Kete M Lyttle, Susquehannock HS


Garth Crone, Dover Area HS

Julia C Tutino, York Catholic HS

Anna M Zambito, Red Lion HS


Michael Leonard, Susquehannock HS

Jennifer McGrath, West York Area HS


Joseph Bushey, Central York HS


Kyle Abrahims, Spring Grove Area HS

Brianna Oppong-Antwi, Eastern York HS

Dixie Miller, West York Area HS

Haley Young, Eastern York HS

Nicholas Tranchitella, Central York HS


Sarah Dudney, Central York HS

Brent Schrieber, Dover Area HS

Larissa Miller, Dover Area HS

Anna Spoden, York Catholic HS

Katelyn Zambito, Central York HS


Kevin Broadbeck, West York Area HS

Amanda Mills, Susquehannock HS

Scott Lehmann, York Catholic HS

Monica McCleary, Dover Area HS


Kevin Neal, Dallastown HS

Joseph F Renda, Central York HS

Kristina Wagner, Kennard Dale HS

Brandon C Welt, York Catholic HS


Daniel Adams, Red Lion HS

Kristyn Funke, Dover Area HS 

George Miliziano, York Catholic HS

Mary Stein, York Catholic HS


Jacqueline Godfrey, Red Lion HS

Luke Jones, Susquehannock HS

Rijelle Kraft, York Catholic HS

Ashley Lynne Stough, Dallastown HS


Jessica T Miller, West York Area HS

Julianne Newcomer, Dallastown HS

Constance L Renda, York Catholic HS

Kushal B Shah, Dallastown HS


James H Anderson,III, Dallastown HS

Brian C Eggert, Dallastown HS

Jamie Royal, South Western HS

David S Marino, Central York HS


Nikhil R Desauza, York Catholic HS

Krista Baker, West York Area HS


Jennifer Fitzkee, Central York HS

Portia Kreiger, Dover Area HS


Randy Knee, York Suburban HS

Van Lam, William Penn Senior HS

Emily Zimmerman, Dover Area HS

Zachary Santos, Central York HS

Mikayla Iati, York Catholic HS

Melanie Otte, Red Lion HS

Connie Koons, West York Area HS

Justin Sumpman, Eastern York HS

Michael Ridings, York Suburban HS

Ava Spoden, York Catholic HS

Kimberly J Frey, Spring Grove Area HS

Patrick W Anstine, Dallastown HS

Katelyn S Witman, Spring Grove HS

Wesley W Trostle, South Western HS

Tavia S Billet, Red Lion HS

Nicole A Bria, York Catholic HS

Jennifer S Thomas, West York Area HS

Brian M Wise, Red Lion HS

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